Why Lease?

Recognizing that the value of equipment comes from its use, not its ownership, American businesses have consistently increased their use of equipment leasing. Businesses that invest in productive assets are often leaders in economic growth and productivity and provide high quality jobs. These jobs are typically associated with technologically advanced equipment, which make up the bulk of leased assets.
Leasing is a major source of investment in new equipment.
The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association projects leasing volume for 2007 at well over $250 billion. The number of companies that acquire equipment through lease agreements is greater than through loans. This is especially true for small companies.

Who leases?
8 of 10 U.S. companies lease all or some of their equipment. The flexibility provided by leasing allows for adding and upgrading equipment allowing companies to have the latest technology in their operations. Companies that lease are usually growth oriented and are often capital constrained. The flexibility that leasing provides allows them to have the most effective operation possible. These companies are often the most competitive and entrepreneurial and tend to create more jobs